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To save the army

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Q: Why does Washington say americans should protect their union from attack?
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Who thought African Americans should learn vocational skills?

booker t washington

Why did the US chose to be an allied during World War 2?

The Brittish revealed a telegram to the Americans : Mexico would attack the US if the US should attack the Germans. Finally the Mexicans did not attack the US due to the lack of surprise and the Americans engaged in WW2.

How did web dubois disagree with Booker t Washington?

Dubois believed that African Americans should not accept segregation

Who stated that African American should pull themselves up from their own bootstraps?

Booker T. Washington said that African Americans should pull themselves up from their own bootstraps.

How did WEB Du Bois disagree with Booker T Washington?

Du Bois believed that African Americans should not accept segregation.

How did W E B Du Bois disagree with Booker T Washington?

Du Bois believed that african americans should not accept segregation

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How is Barack Obama stopping crimes and wars?

He's not!! If we wanted to stop attacks on Americans then he should have condemned Arab TV from showing the movie about their prophet. He should have done more to protect Americans then he has. He is not part of the solution but part of the problem.

Which black leader argued that African Americans accommodate themselves to segregation?

Booker T. Washington argued that African Americans should accommodate themselves to segregation and focus on vocational education.

Why should Americans know about George Washington Carver?

Because, he saved the world from even bigger farming issues and greenhouse gases.

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Remain in the South and win civil rights gradually through compromise

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