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The answer to this question is based on the structure of the US Federal Government and to the structures of US State Governments. To a large degree the following answers apply to both, however, in terms of judicial power the highest level of judicial power lies with the US Supreme Court. The "congress has no judicial powers, and to get a better understanding of why it doesn't the paragraph's below explain it

Based on the US Constitution, the US republic has three branches. This creates a balance of power which is the intent of the US Constitution.

The US Congress is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Under normal conditions, the laws of the USA are created in terms of what are proposed laws called "bills" . Assuming the House and the Senate agree on a bill, the bill is sent to the head of the Executive branch of the government headed by the US President. Should the President sign the bill it becomes law.

The Judicial system under the US Constitution has the powers of making sure that laws are "constitutional" and the Federal Court system retains that power.

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Q: Why does congress have judicial power?
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How does the judicial branch check the power of the congress?

Can declare laws unconstitutional

What is judicicial power?

Judicial power is the power of a court to invalidate or legitimate an act of Congress with regards to a written constitution.

What are powers denied to the judicial branch?

Congress (judicial AND legislative branches) are denied the power to impeach, that is the right of the Supreme Court

Power of the supreme court to examine laws passed by congress?

judicial review

How did congress get the power to pass the civil rights act of 1964?

judicial review

How can the judicial branch chek the legislative branch?

the judicial branch uses its power of judicial review to declare whether or not a law passed by the legislation is constitutional

What is the term for the power the judiciary has to declare acts of the president or congress unconstitutional?

the answer is judicial reveiw!!

What is the power of the Supreme Court to call acts of congress unconstitutional known as?

A judicial review

What is is the term for the power the judiciary has to declare acts of the president of congress unconstitutional?

the answer is judicial reveiw!!

Should Congress have the power to interpret the Constitution?

The Supreme Court which is part of Judicial Branch

How does legislation branch check judicial branch?

Congress may impeach an official from the judicial branch, or the executive branch, for abusing their power. However, the judicial branch holds the trial.

What power does Congress have to influence the U.S. judicial system?

They don’t have any power except for who they approve for federal and supreme courts.