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The Bill of Rights, and all amendments, are part of the Constitution of the United States. I think there are several reasons the Constitution has lasted so long. The men who wrote our Constitution were well versed in law and politics. They realized that a Constitution is a guideline for government. They developed a document that could be changed with the times. They provided for a system of government, federalism, that took into account the powers of the state with a national government that respected states' rights but also allowed for the national government to be the supreme law of the land. It also created a division of national powers between three separate, yet equal, branches of government, each with specific jobs yet with the power to control the power of the other two branches so that there would be no domination by one branch over another. Cooperation was also written into the Constitution. But perhaps most important, the rights of the citizens where protected.

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Q: Why have the Constitition and Bill of Rights lasted so long?
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How long have we had the US Bill of Rights?

We got the Bill of Rights in 1789 so for 220 years.

Why did the anti-federalists ratify the constitution?

The Bill of Rights

How long did it take to write the bill of rights?

it took 7 months to write the bill of rights and was added to the constitution to ensure the people that the new nation we call the United States of America would not take away their rights. -cem1223

How long was the deliberation of the Bill of Rights?

my belief was that some of the preposed amendments to the bill of rights were not solid or sound and had to be reworded to make more sense and understandable to not only congress but to the people themselves. that is why it took so long to approve the bill of rights

What is only 52 words long?

Bill of Rights

As long as one is living in the US the constitution and the bill of rights guarantees the rights of what?


How long did it take to create the bill of rights?

10 years

What is the date when The Bill of Rights went into effect?

Technically the "Bill of Rights" were in effect before Columbus was born; the bill of rights and its authors admit that these are rights were held long before the contemplation of the Constitution and their enumeration was to act as a protection against their violation by government or its officials.

Why did it take so long for Rhode Island so long to join the Union under the US Constitution?

Because they wanted (No, they insisted on and demanded) a Bill of Rights.

Was the Bill of Rights written before slavery?

No, he Bill of Rights was not written before slavery. Slavery was already being practiced long before Columbus discovered the Americas.

How long did the war lasted with irac?

it lasted about 50 or 90 years that's how long the Iraq war lasted

How did the founding fathers form a government that was strong and accountable to the people?

An answer lacking details: they had many long and arduous debates that lasted for months, culminating in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The Constitution took so long to ratify because many people feared a strong central government would make state governments obsolete, that there was no Bill of Rights when every state constitution had one and that the Constitution was too vague(Elastic Clause). People against the Constitution were Anti-Federalists. So there were 2 big compromises: the Great Compromise of 1787 and the 3/5 Compromise. A Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution later on during the debates.