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This is an unfair statement because colonists werent allowed to be apart of the Parliament and they had no say... also the had no representation so it wasnt fair

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Q: Why is no taxation without representation an unfair statement?
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Who made the statement taxation without representation is tyranny?

James Otis said that because of the unfair treatment

What does taxation without represention is tyranny mean?

Taxation without representation is tyranny means that it is unfair to have to pay taxes if uyou dont have a say in it............ Taxation without representation is tyranny means that it is unfair to have to pay taxes if uyou dont have a say in it............

What term was ginen to the unfair taxing of the colonist?

Taxation without representation

What was the colonists rally cry?

It was because of the unfair taxes and the Massacre which killed 5 colonists.

Things king george the third has done to colonists?

Taxation without representation, unfair governing.

What was the battle cry colonists said to explain how unfair british taxes were?

Taxation without Representation

What mane causes of the civil war?

The same as for the Revolutionary War. Tariffs, taxation without representation, and unfair trade practices.

Why was taxation without representation a huge complaint by the colonists?

Taxation without representation was a huge complaint by the colonists because they believed it violated their rights as English citizens. They argued that since they had no elected representatives in the British Parliament, they had no say in decisions regarding taxation. This lack of representation was seen as unfair and oppressive, leading to increasing tensions between the colonists and the British government.

During the 1600s did colonists in north America follow the common law?

No they did not they thought that the laws were unfair like the taxation without representation.

What caused the tension that led to the revolutionary war?

The British were putting unfair taxes on a lot of things, including tea and printed items, without giving the colonists representation in the government- this is where the famous line "No taxation without representation!" comes from.

Many colonists became angry because they did not have any representatives in the British Government to vote on laws These colonists thought this was unfair and called it?

"Taxation without representation"

What was the main issue that got colonists talking about revolution?

Taxation without representation and the king was unfair to the people and religiuous pilgrims were angered and moved.