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It's where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought between the British soldiers and American colonists.

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Q: Why is the Bunker Hill monument famous?
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When was Bunker Hill Monument created?

Bunker Hill Monument was created in 1843.

What was Bunker Hill monument made of?

The Bunker Hill Monument is made entirely of granite taken from a quarry in Quincy, MA.

How tall is the Bunker Hill Monument?

The monument is 221 feet tall

Where is the Bunker Hill Monument?

The Bunker Hill Monument is actually on Breeds Hill, since this is actually where most of the fighting for that battle took place. It is located in Boston, specifically, Charleston, Massachusetts.

Where is the Bunker Hill monument located?

Boston, Massachusetts

What was the tallest building in the US in 1860?

Bunker Hill Monument

Is Bunker Hill the biggest hill?

no the battle of bunker hill was not even fought on bunker hill it was fought on the hill next to it but bunker hill was more famous so they called it "The Battle of Bunker Hill"

How many steps does Bunker Hill monument have?

It is 294 steps to the top.

How big is the Bunker Hill monument?

Over 9000 yards high

Who built the bunker hill monument?

The monument on Breed's Hill, a memorial to the battle on that location, was built between 1827 and 1843.

What has the author Samuel Swett written?

Samuel Swett has written: 'Original planning and construction of Bunker Hill Monument' 'Notes to his sketch of Bunker-hill battle' -- subject(s): Bunker hill, Battle of, Boston, Mass., 1775 'History of Bunker Hill battle' -- subject(s): Bunker Hill, Battle of, Boston, Mass., 1775, History

What two famous quotes are from the Battle of Bunker Hill?

One famous qoute from Bunker Hill was, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."