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The Founding Fathers were afraid of "mobocracy" and were more conservative. They wanted to make sure that the majority of uneducated people wouldn't always necessarily rule. Even senators were originally elected by the House of Representatives in the early days.

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The procedure for electing the president is established by Article 2 of the US Constitution, and is a result of compromise between the framers of the Constitution who wanted Congress to appoint the president and those who wanted the president to be elected by a popular vote of the people.

Though it is generally believed that the president is elected by popular vote, the election is actually a result of a vote by electors in the Electoral College. The number of electors for each state is equal to the total number of federal representatives and senators the state has. Choosing electors is detertimed by the legislature of each state.

Though the popular vote and the Electoral College vote generally agree, ultimately it is the vote of the Electoral College that elects the president.

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Presidents aren't necessarily elected by the Electoral college alone. The popular vote also plays a good part in electing a president.The people who started the electoral collage believed that it would be easier to choose a president this way because they thought that the average citizen of the U.S was not well enough informed.

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Q: Why is the president elected rather than appointed by congress?
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How many years may a person be appointed as a president?

The president of the US isn't appointed ... rather, elected. A maximum of two terms (8 years) is all they can serve in that office.

What state official is appointed rather than elected?

The county official that is elected rather than appointed will depend upon the county. Each county has their own rules of who is elected and/or appointed.

Which government official(s) is appointed and not elected by the U.S. citizen?

There is a vast body of government officials known as the civil service, whose members are appointed rather than elected. Judges are appointed, rather than elected.

Who are chosen or appointed rather than elected?

federal judges

Which branch is ran by people who are appointed rather that elected?

judicial -NovaNET

What president was not elected into office?

The president who was not inaugurated and only took an oath on his residence was President John Tyler. This was after the death of President William Henry Harrison a month after his inauguration.

Why is the legislative branch of the government often called the peoples branch?

The US Congress has over 500 members in the House of Representatives and another hundred members in the Senate, as compared to the two people, the President and vice President, who are elected to the executive branch. Because there are so many of them, elected from specific districts, these members of Congress are more closely in touch with their constituents. The President would simply not have the time to be that closely in touch with the entire population of the US. And the judicial branch is mostly appointed, rather than elected, and thus is even less in touch with the voters.

Why do you think the members of the federal reserve board are appointed rather than elected?

The federal reserve is a private organization. Its members are appointed.

What officicials does the president appoint?

The President.

What is the number of the presidents who have been elected?

Of the 43 men who have been U.S. President between 1789 and 2012, only 38 were at some point elected President. John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur and Gerald Ford never won a Presidential election (and Gerald Ford was appointed rather than elected to the Vice-Presidency).

What branch of the US government is run by officials who are appointed rather than elected?

In the US, officials that are elected by the people are the US presidency, senators and Representatives. The US Supreme Court has its members nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate.

Who said you would rather be in your present situation than to be elected to a seat in congress for life?

Benjamin Franklin