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Q: Why progressives wanted prohibition?
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What motivated progressives and industrialists to unite in the push prohibition?

Progressives wanted to reduce alcohol abuse, drunkenness, and their associated issues (crime, poverty, etc.) and industrialists wanted to battle absenteeism in the workplace. Thus, the groups united to fight for prohibition.

Progressives and immigrants differ about saloons?

In the early 20th century, the big issue of the day was liquor. Progressives wanted the Prohibition of alcohol, while immigrants wanted saloons to stay open so they could get drinks.

Prohibition wasnt a typical progressive era issue?

Prohibition was a typical Progressive era program. The desire was to force people to do what the Progressives thought they should do rather than what people really wanted to do.

What accounts for the success of the prohibition movement in the US during the era of progressive reform?

Prohibition is an example of social engineering, a concept favored by Progressives.

What were the prime goals of earnest progressives?

the direct election of senators, women's suffrage and i think prohibition

What did Progressives generally believe there should be?

Progressives wanted economic reform, and a more liberal social environment.

What is an area of American life that Progressives wanted to improve?


What did progressives agree to?

Both wanted working conditions to improve

What name was given to reformers who believed in progress and wanted to work for it?

Reformers who believed in progress and wanted to work for it were called protestants. These are people who differed with certain ideologies in Catholicism.

What did progressives oppose?

Progressives wanted to make cities and factories cleaner and safer.

During the Prohibition if you wanted to drink alcohol during Prohibition where would you go?

squeak easy

What name was given to reformers who believe in progress and wanted to works for it?