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Q: Why was Eli Whitney hired for US government?
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Was Eli Whitney from the US?

Eli Whitney was born in hte united states

Which President of the US was a friend of Eli Whitney?

Thomas Jefferson

Cost of Eli Whitney milling machine?

$15 at that time that was about 600 for us

How did the idea of Samuel and Eli Whitney affect manufacturing in the US?

I don't now

US inventor of the cotton gin in 1793?

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.

How did Eli Whitney help to push forward the Industrial Revolution in the US?

he developed the concept of interchangable parts

What had a huge impact on the economy of the southern US before the Civil War?

Eli Whitney's cotton gin

How old would Eli Whitney be if he was still alive?

US inventor Eli Whitney (1765-1825) was born on December 8, 1765. He died at age 59. The year 2015 marked the 250th anniversary of his birth. A postage stamp honoring Whitney was issued in 1940, the 175th anniversary of his birth.

What effect did Eli Whitney's invention on the cotton engine in the US?

it worked 50 times faster than one person making cotton

What is Land of Cotton and Cotton Gin?

The southern states of the US. The cotton gin was Eli Whitney's machine that made it easier to separate cottonseed from the cotton.

Who introduced interchangable parts first?

Inventor Eli Whitney introduced the idea of interchangeable parts in about 1801. He had a contract with the US military to make rifles.

How did Eli Whitney's invention help the US?

It helped us because it led to a great increase production of the short-stable cotton grown in muck of the south making the region prosperous