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Q: Why was Louis Riel never able to take his seat?
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Tried to take seat in Senate from Lincoln?

Lincoln never held a seat in the US Senate, but he ran for it in 1858 against Douglas.

What is incumbent vs challenger?

In politics, the incumbent is the person who holds the seat he/she is running for in order to keep it. The challenger is the person trying to win the seat that the incumbent has.

Explain the difference between a single member district seat and an at large seat?

Single Member voting is simply what we do when we cast our vote for a particular candidate. The winner is the one with the most votes. There is no need to make a certain percentage in order to win At Large Voting is when there would be more than one seat voted on: for example 5 open seats in an election. Usually along the lines of a school board or other types of municipal elections.

When could the president fill a vancy in us sentate?

The President can never appoint someone to fill a Senate vacancy. The U.S. Constitution allows the Governor of the state to which the vacant seat is entitled to make a temporary appointment to fill the seat until a special election can be held, but only if the state legislature has passed a bill allowing him/her to do so. Actually there is one Senate vacancy for which the President appoints a replacement: the U.S. Vice President, who constitutionally is also the President of the Senate. Vice presidential appointments require the approval of both houses of Congress.

It is fair that people of a congressional district might elect a candidate then have the House of Representatives vote not to seat that person?

It is fair that people of a congressional district might elect a candidate then have the House of Representatives vote not to seat that person.

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What happened to Louis riel after red river rebellion?

After the Red River Resistance, Louis Riel spent most of the following 15 years in the USA. He was elected to the House of Commons three times, but was never allowed to take his seat. In 1885, he returned to lead the Northwest Rebellion, after which he was tried for treason, found guilty, and hanged.

Why did Hugh Richardson sentence Louis Riel to death?

Louis Riel was a rebel and advocating the overthrow of the government.He probably wouldn't have if they had allowed him to take his fairly won seat in Parliament.Louis Riel got executed because, after his revolt against the government over Metis and Francophone rights he was considered a traitor, and thus executed.He was accused of treason based on his contributions to the North-West Rebellion of 1885. It's pretty obvious that he was, indeed, guilty of treason against the Canadian government because he made it a lifelong goal to oppose them, though he is credited with the founding of Manitoba.

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