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Q: Why was general winfield Scott's plan to suffocate the south the anaconda plan not adopted?
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What general took over when Taylor's progress stalled?

Winfield Scott was the other Mexican War hero.

Did the Whig Party select Millard Fillmore as a presidential candidate in 1849?

Fillmore was not nominated by the Whigs in 1852. He was a strong candidate for the nomination, being favored by the Southern delegates, but General Winfield Scott eventually won the nomination on the 53th ballot.

Was John Hansen on the two dollar bill?

No. In the past, the U.S. $2 note featured Alexander Hamilton, General Winfield Hancock, Samuel Morse, Robert Fulton, and Secretary William Windom, but none feature Hanson.

Who negotiated the treaty of Guadalupe?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was negotiated by Americans Nicholas Trist and General Winfield Scott. The Mexican delegation was represented by Don Bernardo Couto, Don Miguel Atristain, and Don Luis Gonzaga Cuevas.

Who is Winfield Scott?

Winfield Scott is arguably the greatest general America ever produced. He first came to command American force in the War of 1812 and finished his military career when he was removed from his position as General in Chief of the United States Military in the American Civil War. He was part of the United States Military from 1808 until 1861. He fought in every war the United States fought in during that time but his finest moment was in the Mexican-American War when he lead the American forces to Victory when all neutral observers believed the American attempts would ultimately end in failure. For his performance in the Mexican-American War he would get the accolaides of the world and was called the "greatest living soldier" by none other than the Duke of Wellington, the man who beat Napoleon at Waterloo.

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What was the name given to the idea to control the Mississippi and to suffocate the south?

The name was "The Anaconda Plan". It was a strategic plan set up by Union General Winfield Scott

Who made the anaconda plan?

General Winfield Scott.

What were the goals in the general winfield Scott anaconda plan?

What is

What general in chief of the US proposed the Anaconda Plan?

Winfield Scott

General Winfield Scott anaconda plan attempted to weaken the confederate states?

Mississippi River

When was the anaconda plan created?

The Anaconda Plan was created in 1861 when the Civil War started. The plan was put into action by Lieutenant General Winfield Scott.

Who devised the unions war plan named anaconda?

Lieutenant-Gen. Winfield Scott, General in Chief of the US Army in 1861.

What was the name given to General Winfield Scott's plan to defeat the Confederacy by blockading southern ports and controlling the Mississippi River?

The Anaconda plan

Who was the general served during the Mexican War and created Union plans?

the Chinese (New Respondent) Sounds like Winfield Scott. He guessed that it would be a long war, and devised a strategy of slow stragulation of the Confederacy, ridiculed as the Anaconda Plan.

Did the North at the beginning of the Civil War feel the Anaconda Plan was a viable plan?

There were mixed reviews by the North at the beginning of the Civil War that the Anaconda Plan was a viable plan. The plan was proposed by Winfield Scott, General-in-Chief.

Who was the confederate general in the anaconda plan?

There was no Confederate General in the Anaconda Plan. The name was given derisively to the long-term strategy recommended by the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S.Army, Winfield Scott. The idea was to blockade the ports and liberate the Mississippi, to stop the South importing the goods it needed. Since most people thought the war would be over in weeks, the plan was rejected. But later, the North adopted a programme basically similar. An interesting case of a top General applying valuable insight, but too old to fight his corner.

First general of union army during civil war?

Winfield Scott served a s Commanding General at the start of the war. It was his Anaconda Plan which served as the grand strategy to defeat the Confederacy.