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Because he was assassinated before he could carry out any post-war planning.

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Q: Why was president lincoln unable to implement his plan for reconstruction?
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What president was unable to achieve his goals in reconstruction in the south because of corruption?

Andrew Johnson served until March 4,1869 and was replaced by Grant who served until March 4, 1877 . There were still vestiges of the Reconstruction government when Hayes succeeded Grant as president, but most of the Reconstruction Era was under Johnson and Grant. Grant was unable to achieve his goals reconstructing the South because of corruption.

Why was Lincoln unable to get a position in President Zachary Taylor's administration?

Lincoln had spoken against the Mexican-American War.

What did Lincoln do at the end of the civil in America?

President Lincoln was unable to do anything after the Civil War because he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth FIVE days after the Civil War ended.

Why were former confederates unable to vote during military Reconstruction?

they were unable to take an oath that they had been loyal to the union

Why was president Johnson unable to stop Radical Republicans from putting their reconstruction plan into action?

Radical Republicans in congress had enough votes to override or defeat ,both vetoes, and the bills became law.

Duties and responsibilities of the president of the Philippines?

The vice president in the Philippines really had no role other than being the successor for the president if he is unable to perform his duty, or dies. The president can assign duties to the vice president.

When does the vice president take over for the president?

When the President is unable to fulfill his duties. When the president dies or the administration all sign a paper saying that the president is unable to act.

When does a vice president turn into the president?

When the president in unable to fulfill his duties.

What did McKinley have to do with the Spanish American War?

As president, he fought the Spanish-American War. McKinley for months resisted the public demand for war, which was based on news of Spanish atrocities in Cuba, but was unable to get Spain to agree to implement reforms immediately.

Who will become president if the current president is unable to fulfill his duties?

The vice president.

Who serves as vice president when the president is unable to serve?

no one

What president was unable to achieve his political goals of corruption?

President Grant