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He didn't! His socialist policies extended the depression until the export of war materials allowed companies to expand. His policies delayed the recovery by 5 years and made unemployment much worse, even in the NRA, make work times.

The economy was still quite bad in 1940. Roosevelt wanted to enter the war in Europe, but the US citizens were strongly against it. Whether this was to remake the economy, or some sort of "glorious" endeavour will never be known. It is interesting that when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (Dec 1941) FDR had congress declare war on Germany!

"A World at Arms - a Global History or WWII" is a good reference...

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Q: Why was roosevelt able to quickly install confidence in the federals ability to end the depression?
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The greatest strength that Franklin Roosevelt brought to the presidency in the 1930s was his?

Ability to rebuild American Confidence

One of Franklin Roosevelt trait that appealed to Americans was his?

ability to effectively communicate with the public. Roosevelt was known for his confidence and charismatic speaking style, which allowed him to connect with and inspire the American people during a time of crisis. His fireside chats, in which he addressed the nation over the radio, provided reassurance and hope during the Great Depression and World War II.

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Why was Franklin Roosevelt able to quickly instill confidence in the federal government's ability to end the Depression?

Roosevelt's greatest asset in instilling confidence was his fatherly figure, his fireside chats, and his policies were meant to help immediately as well as long term. Social Security, National Recovery Administration, and Securities and Exchange Commissions and eventually the FDIC. In the first hundred days of his presidency, Roosevelt signed 15 major pieces of legislation designed to relieve the suffering of millions and extricate America from the Great Depression. See the related link. When FDR became president, he acted quickly. Many of his programs were hurriedly cobbled together and pushed through congress. This showed the American people that he really cared and was doing something to help them. Later, many of these programs/laws were struck down by the courts, but they served there purpose while valid.

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He shows his confidence in Americans citizens’ ability to contribute to the war effort.

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How does FDR increase Americans' confidence in the ability of the US to win the war against the Axis powers?

He shows his confidence in Americans citizens' ability to contribute to the war effort.