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It was important so that the colonies could export the tea back to England, in return for materials they needed but could not get in America.

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Q: Why was tea so important to the American colonists?
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How did the American colonists deceive the Native Americans?

the colonists dressed up as Indians so the British didn't know it was them that got rid of all of their tea. They dumped the tea in the Boston harbor

Why was tea so important to the colonist?

Most colonists were of British desent, tea to the British is like beer to the Germans and vodka to the Russians. Tea was just a huge part of British culture.

Why did the colonists destroy the British tea?

because the british kept taxing the tea! so the colonists decided too protest, and dump the tea into Boston Harbor

Why did the tea party go on?

England was taxing the colonists so the colonists invaded one of England's ships and dumped all of their tea into the bay.

Was the Boston tea party a war?

The Boston Tea Party was actually not a war. Here is what it was, and what happened. The Tea Act passed. The colonists did not want to pay taxes. So, here is where the Boston Tea Party kicks in, one year after the Tea Act. Here is what you've been waiting for! The Boston Tea Party was an event that was three boats full of colonists. They cut open chests of tea and they dumped it in the Boston Harbor (harr-berr)! The colonists had to pay it off. So, the colonists named that law the Intolerable(in-toll-err-a-bowl) Act. So, the Boston Tea Party was not a war, but it was an event that the colonists responded to the Tea Act.

Why did American colonists dump 342 tea chests?

They were upset with the British for taxation without representation in America. The King was in England trying to tell them what to do, and they didn't like that. So as an act of rebellion, they dumped the tea.

What message did the Boston Tea Party send the British?

The colonists were outraged when the British taxed the colonists (after the French Indian War) crazy amounts. The British had a large tax on the colonists favorite drink, tea. So the colonists dumped a ton of tea off a British ship in Boston Harbor to make the point that they did not want to be taxed so heavily.

When the bratish and the colonists were in seris of conflicts did they have a bratish tea tax?

So far, the Bratish have not actually had any conflicts over tea. Bratty people generally pout and throw temper tantrums instead of having actual conflicts, especially with colonists. Perhaps you are thinking of the BRITISH and AMERICAN conflicts over tea? Try some of the links below.

Why did the colonists hold the Boston Tea party?

it was to pay for their taxes of tea so they threw it over a boat

What is it when colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act?

The Boston Tea Party - was a politically motivated protest by colonists in Boston against the British government on December 16, 1773. The Tea Act, passed by the British Parliament in 1773 reduced the tax on tea shipped to the colonies, and the colonists didn't want to be under the British rule anymore, so the dumping of the taxed tea in Boston harbour was there protest against the British Empire, which eventually led to the American War of Independence.Dont forget they dressed up like indians!! XD

What two events occurred in Boston that caused tension between british pariliament and the colonists?

Tea tax, (Tea act)- British taxed the colonists on tea. Boston tea party, - Colonists dumping tea into the Boston Harbor Sugar act - BRitish taxed the colonits on sugar No taxation without representation- Is what the colonits called it when british taxed them unreasonably and didnt let them have a say in parliament. Townshed act- Unreasonable taxes on materials such as wood and glass... .......So mostly British taxing the colonists. Also british violated their rights.

How did the Boston Tea Party get its name?

They didn't dress up. This is part of the fable. The Boston Tea Party was a protest of the lowering of the cost of the British tea by the government and the East India tea company who had gotten a bail out from the crown in 1773. The smugglers in the colonies found the Dutch tea that they sold was higher in price than the British tea, so they staged the Boston Tea Party and others in harbors in the colonies ( Hamilton was one of the largest smugglers in the colonies and a founding member of the Son's of Liberty). The cost of tea also went as far back as the Navigation Acts and the restricting of trade to and from the colonies passed from 1650-1733. Tea was also taxed in 1767 in the Townsend Acts.