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The taxes that England imposed on the colonies, such as tarriffs on tea and other such goods led to the Boston tea party (the dumping of tea into the Boston harbor) which indefinetly lead to the revolutionary war.

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The were unhappy with England because they raised their taxes to high, so they started the war.

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Q: Why were the Colonists unhappy with England?
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Why are some of the colonists unhappy with the British?

they were unhappy because they were being tax way too

Why were colonists unhappy with king george the third?

they were unhappy with the king becase he taxed tea.

Why were the colonists unhappy with the king when they came to America?

they dont do nothing

What experience did captain peters have that showed the colonist were unhappy with loyalists?

What experience did Captain Peters have that showed the colonists were unhappy with Loyalists?

Why were the puritans unhappy with the church of England-?

The Puritans were unhappy with the church of England because was very controlling and they couldn't be what religion they wanted to be.

Who were the colonists of Jamestown?

the colonists came from England

Why did England become unfriendly to the colonists?

It didn't. The colonists became unfriendly towards England.

Why did the people in the New England colonies stay in the New England colonies?

Many of the colonists believed they were part of a great adventure. They established communities and took pride in what they made or grew or built. While some colonists were unhappy and either wanted to go back to England or wanted to go to another British territory (Canada), the majority became accustomed to living in New England and since it now felt like their home, they wanted to remain there.

Why was England unhappy with the triangular trade?

it was not even

Why did the colonists of Jamestown send surplus goods to England for trade?

English law required Colonists to trade with England.

What effects did colonial boycotts have on trade between the colonists and England?

colonial boycotts hated the colonists and England traded

What instruments did the New England colonists use?

New England colonists used many of the instruments that we use today. For example, handmade flutes, drums, and guitars were commonly used by New England colonists.