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it was because the people who became to be called XYZ did not say what their names were!!!

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Q: Why was the XYZ Affair so insulting to Americans?
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Was the XYZ affair good or bad?

it was bad. the french insulted americans, so we went over there

Why did xyz affair happen?

the xyz affair happened mainly because the french wantd money so tey took it out on the us.

Which founding father served as US ambassador to France during the so called xyz affair?

Charles Pinckney was the US Minister to France during the XYZ Affair. This occurred during the presidency of John Adams.

Why did the US end the negotiations with the France during the XYZ affair?

French officials demanded that the United States pay bribes.

How did the xyz affair begin?

In 1797, there was a diplomatic incident between America and France. France was in a difficult position and asked America for help. George Washington wanted neutrality but also did not want a sour relationship with France. So John Adams had sent three American diplomats to France in hopes of reaching a friendly accord. Talleyrand was a French diplomat who had refused to see the three Americans and chose Officer X, Officer Y, and Officer Z to talk to the Americans instead. He suggested that if the Americans want to work things out they should pay a bribe. The XYZ affair led to the "quasi-war." Although the Americans were close to have come officially close to war with the French, Adams had never declared war.

When was the XYZ Affair?

The XYZ Affair was when the French demanded large payments before discussing peace terms, Americans were outraged. They called it the XYZ Affair for the three French agents involved. Many Americans wanted it, but Adams worked carefully to avoid a war with France so soon. The U.S. Navy had a very small army. Adams built up the U.S. Army and Navy for protection, while sending Americans to France to work on peace. The U.S. never officially declared war, but between 1797 and 1800, both sides were attacking ships at sea. Finally, in 1800 the U.S. and France signed a peace treaty. France was already at war with Great Britain, and neither nation wanted the United States to be involved. Adams' ability to avoid war through careful diplomacy was a major success.

Is there anyone in the American Revolution with a last name beginning with x?

I'm not so sure about a person but i think it is the XYZ affair. I don't know the answer but research it. Good luck.

What was the purpose of the XYZ affair?

The XYZ affair occurred in 1797 and 1798 during the John Adams administration. This was a political and diplomatic conflict that occurred between the United States and Republican France. It led to the Quasi-War which was never really declared.

What was America's response to the XYZ affair?

The Americans were outraged. Chant began through out all states screaming 'not a cent for tribute but millions for war'! Congress expanded the army and began a small navy to fight French warships. War hawks of the south were strongly encouraging Adams to fight. Adams however thought of the future. Although his popularity would increase drastically if the United States were to lose the consequences would be severe. Lucky for him the decision never had to be made. Napoleon took office shortly after the XYZ affair took over the government and made peace with the United States.

How did the XYZ affair effect the US navy?

The so-called XYZ affair placed President Jon Adams in position to ask the US congress for funds to rebuild the US Navy. He had popular support for this and the party led by Jefferson was embarrassed as they initially supported the new French republic. There was a public outcry over the new French governments behavior towards the USA. The modern US navy dates from the time of John Adams.

How Did John Adams Help America?

he came up with the XYZ affair hope i helped cause like im a grammar and history teacher so lool anyways so yeah and nxt time im gonna have the shamrock shake at mcdonalds hehe

Do you draw two cards if you XYZ Summon with two Star Drawings in Yu-Gi-Oh?

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