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to promont writing, photes, and records are orginal and can be read so the trial can be procissly undostood and correct.

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Q: Why was the best evidence rule implemented into the US court system?
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How do you take away visitation rights?

Only by a court order. The court must be provided with compelling evidence the visits are not in the best interest of the child.

How can strategist's best ensure that strategies will be effectively implemented?

strategists best ensure that strategies will be effectively implemented

Do written agreements hold any value in court?

Properly executed written agreements are one of the best forms of evidence in any court proceeding.

What does MFN stand for?

Abbreviations and court notations are NOT universal. Every system or agency has its own unique system. Best bet - - ask someone in the Clerk of Court's office. Outside of the legal system Most Favoured Nation is perhaps the best known.

Can a father get custody back from a grandparent in Ontario?

That depends on the evidence and the court's view of what placement would be in the child's best interest.

What is sufficient evidence?

When it has been gathered in accordance with the law and presented to the court in such a way as to represent the party who presents it to their best advantage.

What breed of dog as of the year 2000 was the only dog whose evidence was admissible in court?

The bloodhound tracking nose scent is the only dog that can be used as evidence in a court of law. although other dogs have very good sence of smells and later enough proof will probabaly make it so they can be used as evidence the bloodhounds has the best

In a Closed Criminal case what does Evidence 2 mean on court docket after case has been closed?

It may well be a notation made in some kind of Court Clerk "shorthand." Best thing to do is to ask someone at the Clerk Of Court's office what it means to them.

Army When is punishment imposed?

the court-marital is responsible for setting the sentence. The members determine a sentence based on evidence, and it must best serve which of the following

What is the best way to change your name and id?

Visit your local court system, or contact your city's government.

How can strategist's best ensure that strategies will be effect?

strategists best ensure that strategies will be effectively implemented

What does Ap stand for in leagal terms?

Insufficient information to answer. Court "shorthand" and court " notes" and abbreviations are not standard within all court systems. Best course of action is to go to the Clerk of Court office and ask. They may be familiar with what it means in their court system.