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Q: Why was the red scare bad for America?
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Red scare in America after World War 1?

It was World War 2. The Red Scare is the fear of the spreading of Communism.

Does red scare mean the same as McCarthyism and did red scare include anti-communist persecutions?

No the Red Scare is not the same as McCarthyism. It was the term for the fear that Communism would take over America and the world. Anti-communist persecutions were a result of the Red Scare.

What sparked the red scare in America?

striking industrial workers

During the red scare of the 1950s what was america afraid of?


Who did the Americans fear was trying to destroy America during the red scare?


Who did Americans fear Was trying to destroy America during red scare?


Who are some of the red scare groups?

who was involve in the red scare who was involve in the red scare

What exactly was the Red Scare?

A sense of paranoia in America towards communist beliefs and countries.

How did the Red Scare effect the culture?

People in America did not feel safe and were watching out for missile's.

The red scare was a response to?

The Red Scare was a response to Communism

What was the Red Scare after World War?

the red scare was a huge blob of red clay that tormented the citizens of the united state, hence the name red scare

How was the second Red Scare similar to and different from the Red Scare of 1919?

The Second Red Scare has more to do with McCarthism. They are similar in a way that the America feared the increase of communism. It seems like the first red scare was more violent and booms before the world wars while the second red scare was more to do with wrong -witch hunt like- accuses. Especially, the second red scared was overreaction which caused hundreds of people prisioned and thousands people losing jobs. go check on Google or wiki for more information. good luck!