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Because the decision showed that the Supreme Court didn't think that any State could outlaw slavery.

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Q: Why were abolitionist angered by the Dred Scott decision?
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What decision angered the north?

If you're doing the crossword, the Dred Scott descision.

Did the dred Scott decision angered the north?

It greatly angered the Abolitionists - remembering that most Northerners were not Abolitionists by any means.

Who was the judge at the dred Scott decision?

Roger Taney - ironically a one-tme abolitionist.

Why were the abolitionist upset about the dred Scott decision?

they said that he was a piece of property and could not sue for his freedom

Why were the abolitionist angry about the Dred Scott decision?

he was angry bc his bf broke up with him that wasnt good

Why were republicans angered by the dred Scott V. Sandford decision?

Because it declared that slavery was legal in every state of the Union.

How did the northerners and southerners react to the Dred Scott decision?

Southerners were delighted with the Dred Scott decision, but northerners were outraged.

What group was benefited most by dred Scott decision?

Southerners benefited the most from the Dred Scott Decision.

Who was the federal judge that handed down the decision in the dred Scott case?

Roger Taney - a too-elderly judge who (ironically) had started off as an Abolitionist

How did the abolitionists react to the supreme courts decision in the Dred Scott case?

Abolitionists were outraged by the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case, as it ruled that African Americans, whether free or enslaved, were not citizens and therefore did not have the right to sue in federal court. They saw this decision as a setback to the abolitionist movement and a reinforcement of the institution of slavery.

What did Stonewall Jackson think of the Dred Scott Decision?

Stonewell Jackson thought Dred Scott Decision was a supid idea

Who was the supreme court who handed down the decision that made Dred Scott remain a slave?

The Chief Justice was Roger Taney - ironically a one-time Abolitionist.