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Because they were safer and stronger than wooden ships

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Q: Why were ironclads important?
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Why was the battle of the ironclads so important?

It signed the unstoppable decline of wooden battleships' age.

When was The Land Ironclads created?

The Land Ironclads was created in 1903.

Who were the generals in the battle of the ironclads?

Ironclads are boats. Admirals usually command navies, not generals.

Are ironclads and submarines the same thing in 1861?

Ironclads are not the same thing as submarines. Ironclads do not go underwater completely even though the majority of their body may be underwater.

What are boats covered in iron called?

Boats covered in iron are commonly referred to as ironclads.

What were the tactics of ironclads to destroy enemy ships?

Ironclads could destroy wooden enemy ships using either cannon fire or by ramming them.

What date was ironclads on?

some time in the 1800s

What is a warship covered with iron called?


What was the battle of ironclads known for?

Jake nowry

How many causalities were there in the battle of ironclads?


What type of ships were the monitor and merrimack?


Who were the first two ironclads?

The Monitor and the Merrimack