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Senators were to be chosen by state legislatures, because many of the Framers of the US Constitution did not trust the general populace of the country to vote for the right men to be Senators. Once the decision to have two houses of Congress in the form of a Senate and House of Representatives had been made, the idea was that the Senate would be the wiser, more responsible of the two Houses. The Senate was seen in much the same way as the British House of Lords is in comparison to the British House of Commons. The Framers debated four methods of choosing the Senators: by the House of Rpresentatives; by the national executive (President); by the state legislatures; or by the general public. They settled on the state legislatures because they felt each state's Senators should be chosen by the states themselves but that the Senate was too important to be left to the general public. In fact, several framers thought the general public was not much better than a mob.

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Q: Why were senators originally chosen by state legislators?
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Prior to the 17th amendment who elected the Senators?

They were chosen by state legislators

How were senators chosen from a state before the 17th amendment?

They were chosen by the State Legislature instead of by a direct vote of the state's citizens.

Who are the people elected by state legislators?


Who were the senators chosen by before the 17th amendment was adopted?

Before the ratification of the 17th Amendment each state's legislature elected the two U.S. Senators. Direct election of Senators allowed to voting public to vote for the Senators of their choice.

Before they were elected directly senators were chosen by?

Originally, The Constitution, provided that the Senate was chosen by the State Legislature. But, in 1913, the 17th Amendment was adopted, to which it provides that Senators shall be chosen directly by the voters of the States.

How were senators originally chosen?

"Each state has two senators, regardless of the size of its population. Originally, senators were chosen by state legislatures. In 1913 the 17th amendment provided that senators would be directly elected by the people." found on 12/4/07 at

The Constitution gave each state what?

Two Senators.

How are state legislators chosen?

There are chosen by the state citzens voting during elections.

How are senators chosen in Pennsylvania?

US Senators are chosen by state wide elections.

What state has the fewest State Senators?

Nebraska with zero. It is a unicameral state and while the members of the State Legislature call themselves State Senators, in truth they are Legislators,

What are elected representatives chosen by state citizens referred as?


Elected representatives chosen by state citizen are referred to as what?