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The US Supreme Court believes "political questions" are appropriate issues for Congress, not the judiciary; however, they have ruled on certain cases regarding political redistricting (Baker v. Carr, (1962)) and racial gerrymandering (Shaw v. Reno, (1993), Miller v. Johnson, (1995)), where the legislature failed to address, or improperly addressed, issues that resulted in constitutional rights violations.

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Q: Will the US Supreme Court hear cases involving political questions?
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Why are political questions solved by the U.S Supreme Court?

They are suppose to interpret the constitution. Think of them as the referee.

Who has the power to resolve issues involving national laws or laws involving national laws of the US?

the supreme court has the power to interpret the laws no matter what

When the Supreme Court refuses to take actions that are outside of the judicial domain, they are avoiding what are known as?

political questions

What has the author C Gordon Post written?

C. Gordon Post has written: 'The Supreme Court and political questions' -- subject(s): United States, United States. Supreme Court

Why does the supreme court not hear cases involving political questions?

Becase politics, as such, are not addressed in the Constitution. However, insofar as adjudicating actions arising from political matters (e.g.: the contested election of Bush v. Gore) the Court CAN arrive at judgments and decisions based on existing law and the Constitution as it is written. Arriving at a judgment on that election did NOT involve a political question, but a PROCEDURAL one.

Who has original jurisdiction over cases involving ambassadors?

In cases involving ambassadors, it is the Supreme Court of the United States that has original jurisdiction. The Supreme Court was formed in 1789.

Who has the power to settle disputer involving the US?

The Supreme Court.

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What two issues do all US Supreme Court cases deal with?

All US Supreme Court cases address either interpretation and application of federal law and/or the constitutionality of laws and policies, either as written or as applied.

What does the Supreme Court do?

the supreme court is the final judge in all cases involving laws of Congress, and the highest law of all - the Constitution

What type of authority does the supreme court have involving ambassadors and states?


The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty could only be used in cases involving which kind of crimes?

The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty could only be used in cases involving murder.