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Q: Wrote the first financial plan for the US?
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What is the hamiltonian financial plan and how did it help the US?

First Bank of the United States It helped to settle the states' debts from war.

Who wrote a plan that would start a policy of containment for the us?


Who first wrote The US of America?


Who needs the 700 billion bailout plan?

1. The banks and financial institutions in US 2. The US Economy 3. The world Economy In short - All of us.

Why was the US Constitution needed in the first place?

greg marsch wrote it! greg marsch wrote it!

What was the first plan for government in the US?

That would be the Mayflower Compact.

What was the first plan of government of the US?

The 1st Continental Congress

Who wrote the Us first constitution?

James Madison

Noah Roget wrote the first important US dictionary?


What is the first chapter in the bible and who wrote it?

The first book in the Bible was Genesis. That chapter tells us how the earth was formed. In the beginning......... The person who wrote Genesis was Moses.

Which individual wrote the U.S. Constitution?

There wasn't one individual that wrote the US Constitution. However, the initial draft was written by James Madison. The original draft became known as the Virginia Plan.

What was the first plan for the government in the US?

articles of confederation i think not sure