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Q: What are the first stages of gain green on fingers look like?
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How do you get the multi tool on steam works island?

You go the broken robot you first see. Then you have to get it working gain, so you have to put the red gear first, green, green, green, then red. Spin the gears and then you will get the multi tool.

Do chicken fingers make you gain weight?

Only that which is deep-fried. If baked or roasted and if the covering over the chicken strips or "fingers" does not have any oil in it, then no, it won't make you gain weight.

What is the net gain in ATP from the two stages of this metabolic process?

Glycolysis yields a net gain of 2 ATP molecules and the Krebs cycle produces 2 ATP molecules per glucose molecule. So, the net gain in ATP from these two stages of cellular respiration is 4 ATP molecules.

Can you get fat fingers?

No, fingers cannot actually gain fat tissue like other parts of the body. However, excessive weight gain can sometimes make fingers appear larger due to swelling or increased fluid retention.

How can you recognize an early stages pregnancy in inseminated cows?

They do not come in heat and they gain weight

Derive the gain equation of instrument amplifier?

here we r going to see about the derivation of the reset gain... the instrumentation amplifier which has got two stages that is gain stage and differential stage

What are the stages of the annealing process?

There are three stages in the annealing process. The first stage is when a metal is heated up and it is called the recovery stage. The second stage is called recrystallization and the third stage is called gain growth. Each stage represents a higher temperature in the annealing process.

Need of multistage amplifier?

The Gain provided by the multistage amplifier is greater than the gain of single stage amplifier. The gain of the two stage amplifier is the product of the gain of the individual stages.

What is the advantage of two stage amplifier compared to single stage?

In a two stage amplifier the gain (ratio of the output to the input quantity) of the first stage is amplified again in the second stage so the gain of a two stage amp is the product of the gain of two individual stages which is sufficient enough to drive the output device as compared to a single stage amplifier.

Can you gain weight by eating green?

You can always gain weight by eating too much of something. But greens are very good for you.

What significant role did Ghana play in Africa's growing nationalist movement?

It was the first region in south of Africa to gain freedom

What was the first africancountryto gain there indeprndenece?

libya was the first African American country to gain its indepenece