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this isn't my question but ill answer it anyway it became endangered on June 24, 2004

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The tiger salamander actually originates from North America. Quite possibly it was found in the 1800's, possibly around 1892. I got my source from

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Q: When did the eastern tiger salamander become endangered?
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Is the tiger salamander endangered?

no they are not

Is a Eastern tiger Salamander a producer consumer or a decomposer?

The Eastern Tiger Salamander is a consumer

What is the state amphibian of Illinois?

The Eastern Tiger Salamander is the state amphibian of Illinois.

Is the tiger salamander still endangered?

no i don't think so

What is the common name for the tiger salamander?

Common name: Tiger Salamander/ Mole Salamander,Kingdom: Animalia,Phylum: Chordata,Class: Amphibia,Order: Caudata,Family: Ambystomatidae,Genus Species: Ambystoma tigrinum.

What is an amphibian that begins with an e?

Eastern cricket frog and eastern tiger salamander are amphibians. They begin with the letter e.

What do a eastern tiger salamander sound like?

The sound of a 90 year-old climaxing.

Why is tiger become endangered species?

The tiger is endangered because it is hunted for it's beautiful pelt.

How many tiger become endangered?


What has cased the royal Bengal tiger to be added to the endangered list?

over hunting has caused the tiger to become endangered.

When was Illinois state amphibian founded?

In 2005, the Eastern tiger salamander was named the official state amphibian of Illinois.

Are tiger salamander related to tiger?