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A Leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish Folklore.

Like other fairy creatures, leprechauns have been linked to the Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish mythology. But the leprechauns are far more ancient than the fabled Tuatha. In fact, they might just have been the very first people ever in Ireland (9000 BC). They were in fact Capoids from Morocco, who were very short people. They probably came to Ireland for gold prospecting, as well as hunting and gathering; in those days in Ireland, you could walk three feet in any direction and stub your toe on a big piece of gold! They probably came to Ireland via Scotland, where they are called the Brownies. Pygmies from Africa went to Germany via Sicily 80,000 years ago, where they no doubt had dustups with Neanderthal man. When they intermarried with Capoids (and probably Neanderthals), they became much lighter, and are probably the basis for the famous Elves and Dwarves!

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No there are no Leprechaun's in Germany only in Ireland.There are possibly Gnomes in Germany but they are not a related species

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Q: Where are leprechauns from and where do they live?
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Do leprechauns live in Texas?

No. Leprechauns do not live anywhere. They do not exist.

When do the leprechauns go back to Ireland?

Leprechauns live in Ireland.

Do leprechauns live in Katy?


Do leprechauns live in the backyards of some people?

No. Leprechauns are creatures of myth and fiction.

Where does a lepracorn live?

If leprechauns were real, they would live in Ireland.

Do leprechauns live in Orlando Florida?

no they dont they live in ireland

What country is big foot from?

he is from the land of madeupia with fairies and leprechauns live jk jk leprechauns are real

Which country do you associate leprechauns with?

Ireland---where leprechauns live at the bottom of a rainbow wtih a pot of gold :)

How long do leprechauns live?

from 0 to 90

Are there leprechauns in Edmonton?

No, they only live in Ireland. Sorry

Where do leperchauns live?

Leprechauns live in Ireland but on St.patricks day you might see one were you live.

Where abouts in Ireland are Leprechauns found?

Leprechauns are mythical creatures, so they are only found in books and games, or in the specially constructed museum dedicated to Irish mythology and folklore known as Leprechaun museum in Dublin. See the link below.