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It influenced later civilians because if it wasn't for their Greek minds to come up wit h Boxing, Wrestling, Chariot Racing, Riding, Pankration, or Pentathlon then more than likely - we wouldn't know what that is. Therefore, Greece has gave us more than an idea, they hhave gave us the whole game, we just added some ideas here and there. & That is how those specific sports have came to be. More than an inference, there is more.

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One way the Ancient Greek Olympics were affected by the Greek mythology, was that the Olympics were performed in honor of their king god, Zeus.

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Q: How did greek Olympics influence later civilizations?
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What civilization did Greek mythology influence?

First the Greek, later the Roman culture.

What impacted did mycenaean civilization have on later Greeks?

Fortresses What political and ethic ideas did Greek philosophers make How did Mycenaen civilizations affect the later Greeks

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think your own mind '

When did the influence of the Greek culture faded?

The influence of the greek culture faded , after Alexanders kingdom was divided into three areas, and later on the roman culture also made its way.

How did Sumerians civilizations influence later people?

1. The roads built in the early years influenced better road netoworks later on in Sumer. 2. The family ties helped later influence the idea of having only the amound of children you can take care of and afford.

How did the Olympics influence western civilization?

The Olympics influenced western civilization because it showed the strength of men. Since the women were not allowed to participate, men got to show their strength. the games later brought civilizations together because they got to compete against other places.

What was the source of Roman mythology an what impact did it have on later civilizations?

the Romans basically took greek mythology and changed names such as Aphrodite to Venus

Which society introduced an alphabet that would later become the basis for the Greek alphabet?

The Phoenicians introduced an alphabet that would later influence the Greek alphabet. The Greek alphabet was adapted from the Phoenician script, with modifications and additions made to accommodate the unique sound system of the Greek language.

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it began in 700bc but then later on in 776bc the Olympics started but only men could enter as u had to play naked lol

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Some of the words you use and some of the stories you hear come from Ancient Greece.

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