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Definitely not- she was Perseus' wife.

The mother of Perseus was Danae.

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Q: Was Andromeda the mother of Perseus?
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What does Andromeda do?

Andromeda was wife of Perseus and the only mother of his children. She was the royal daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. She was saved from a sea monster by Perseus.

Why does Perseus come to Andromeda's rescue?

Why does Perseus rescue Andromeda

When was Perseus Freeing Andromeda created?

Perseus Freeing Andromeda was created in 1510.

Who did Andromeda marry?

Andromeda married Perseus.

What is the myth about Perseus?

There are many myths about Perseus, but the most famous one is probably when his mother was kidnapped and forced to marry a selfish king, the king said if Perseus could slay Medusa, then his mother would be set free. Perseus slayed the monster, but the king did not keep his word. So he ran away with his mother. And he also saved Andromeda by slaying the sea monster, Andromeda had been sacrificed for the sake of her Parent's kingdom and Perseus had saved her.

Why was the Andromeda galaxy named after the Goddess Andromeda?

The Andromeda galaxy was named after the princess Andromeda from Greek mythology, not the goddess. Andromeda was the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia, and she was known for her beauty. The galaxy was named after her due to its proximity to the constellation named after her mother, Cassiopeia.

What were Perseus' weaknesses?

He was 1/2 man (he could die). Andromeda, his mother, things like that.

How does Perseus help Andromeda?

Perseus unchained Andromeda from her rock, and slayed the terrible sea monster.

What does perseus do for Andromeda?

After he gets the agreement of her parents to marry Andromeda, Perseus saves her from the sea monster.

Who was Perseus associated with?

Medusa (he killed her)Andromeda (he saved her from a sea serpent)Danaë (his mother)Zeus (his father)

Who married perseus?


Who married Andromeda?