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That what?

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Q: What ancient civilization built temples that?
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What ancient civilization built temples in Mexico City?

The Mexicans or the Aztecs built the temples of Mexico City

Why did the structure of Ancient Egypt affect the civilization?

the pyramids were for the tombs of Egyptian pharoah's. The temples were built for the gods.

Which civilization built huge temples and pyramids?

The Egyptian civilization was best known for construction magnificent temples and pyramids.

What are some of the temples that the Mayans built?

What temple was built by the Mayan Civilization?

What river valley civilization built ziggurats?

The Mesopotamian civilization, specifically the Sumerians, built ziggurats. These stepped towers were monumental structures used as temples and had religious significance in ancient Mesopotamia.

What is a zigguat?

A ziggurat is a type of artificial landmass. These were large structures or temples that were built in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. They were pyramids with terraces and their bottoms were flat.

What do ancient people do?

civilization was quick in some places but in others, it was very slow. meanwhile, they farmed, built pyramids or temples, or practiced religious beliefs.

What made temples in Egypt so important?

No other civilization built temples or pyramids and these stand as monuments such as The Great Pyramid that still stands today. A king named Khufu built this. The Great Pyramid is know as one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world.

Which civilization built the Parthenon?

The Ancient Greek civilization built the Parthenon.

Where was the Hebrew cilivization located?

The Hebrew Civilization was located in Israel.The Hebrew Civilization was located in Israel.

Who built ancient Thebes?

The ancient civilization was built by a king call Karisio, he found the land then built it.

Where were temples in ancient Egypt built?

Cairo and Giza has a lot