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some of his traits are making the spirits suffer and Hades is my father

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Q: What are some of the character traits of hades god of the underworld?
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What are some of Hades character traits?

Hades is an evil character who has no heart and has a soft spot for Persephone.

If hades is the god of the underworld of Greek and Roman mythology is devil warship with the pentagram some how tied together?

Hades is another name for the Underworld or ,in other words Hell.

What are some allusions to Hades?

· Hades: The Greek word for the underworld or hell. The word also refers to the ruler of the underworld. An allusion to Hades suggests death, danger, and darkness; e.g., "In the forest at night, the soldiers felt as if they were journeying through Hades."

What gives Hades his power?

Zeus originally was the one to have given Hades his power to rule the Underworld. Some say it was a punishment, some say Hades really wanted to take up the Underworld. Also, many have told Hades trying to take over the sky and destroy Zeus.

What are some physical traits of hades?

Hades is often depicted as having a dark and stern appearance, with a beard and dark robes. He is sometimes shown carrying a staff and wearing a crown symbolizing his role as ruler of the underworld. His physical features are commonly associated with power and authority.

What is close to Hades?

In Greek mythology, Hades ruled the underworld. Some other mythical characters associated with the underworld are Charon, the ferryman of Hades, and Cerberus, the three-headed dog guarding the gates of the underworld. Additionally, the ancient Greek city of Eleusis was closely linked to the realm of Hades due to its connection with the Eleusinian Mysteries.

How did the daughters of danaus get into the underworld?

She ate some pomegranate seeds from hades garden

What were some of Hades powers?

Immortality, thus never dying, and the ruler of the Underworld.

What are some unique traits about Hades?

These are to be determined by the individual.

What were some of the powers of hades dog Cerberus?

It would stop the dead from leaving the Underworld.

What are some weaknesse of Persephone?

beauty so ravishing it attracted hades the god of the underworld

What prevented Persephone reunion with her mother?

Hades was keeping her a prisoner in the Underworld and she ate some of the food of the underworld, which means you are never allowed to leave.