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from wood, copper, or sharp stone called flint

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Some Egyptian cutting tools were made out of copper.

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They used knives

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Q: What was ancient Egyptian daggers made of?
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What weapons did ancient Egyptian troops use?

They used slingshots, daggers, composite bow, the curved swords, axes, maces, and war chariots.

What is an ancient Egyptian pyramid made of?

the ancient egyptian pyramids are made of 1000 bricks and the very first mummy was King and Queen's

What were ancient Egyptian collars made of?

It was made during the Ancient Egyptian period in approx. 1st Dynasty, 3100 BC

What are Ancient Egyptian Templs made of?


What did ancient Egyptian potters do?

made pots

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What were the daggers that the Romans used made from?

The daggers of the Romans were made of steel.

What was ancient Egyptian mirrors made of?

they were made of clay and reads

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What were Ancient Egyptian Toys made of?

Avi bunny

When did Ancient Egyptian made boats?

in 450 b.c.