Who is Aphrodites father?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Who is Aphrodites father?
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Who is Aphrodites mother and father?

Her mother was Dione, and her father was Zeus.

Aphrodites mother and father?

Zeus or Uranus

Who is Aphrodites relitives?

zeus is the father of Aphrodite and metis is the mother

Who were aphrodites aunts and uncles?

One of Aphrodites Uncles are Zeus everyone says Zeus is her father but many encyclopedias dont think so either because Ze

What are Aphrodites relatives?

uranus, the very first god, is her father, so pretty much every immortal is her relative.

What was Aphrodites status in society?

what is aphrodites status

When was Young Aphrodites created?

Young Aphrodites was created in 1963.

Was Zeus aphrodites dad?

Yes. Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and either Dione or Thalassa.

Who were Aphrodites siblings?

Zeus was Aphrodites father Hera was her mother.

What are the ratings and certificates for Aphrodites Nacht - 2006?

Aphrodites Nacht - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

Who was Aphrodites youngster?


Who was Aphrodites family?

she had no family...