Who were Athena's children?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Athena had no children. She was one of the virgin goddesses.

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She never had any children.

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Q: Who were Athena's children?
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Who were Athenas mortal children?

Athena is a Greek virgin goddess, she has no mortal children.

Who are athenas mortal kids?

Athena in Greek myth was a virgin goddess and had no mortal children.

Who where where Athenas kids?

Athena did not have any children, or spouses for that matter, for she was a virgin. According to Greek Mythology any how.

What is athenas qualities strengths or talents?

what is athenas qualities,strengths, or talents

What was Athenas father name?

Athenas father was zeus, the great god of the heaven

What was Athenas animal?

The owl.

How was Athenas life as an adult?

Athenas life's an adult was hard because she had to do a lot of stuff like to take care of the kids .

Who is Athenas parents?

Metis and Zeus.

Who are Athenas associates?

Zeus and Metis.

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