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They are from Africa.

It is impossible to trace them back to a specific person, as they would come from a variety of different places.

They were people who settled the Nile area because of the rich soil.

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People from ancient Egypt. Citizens in ancient Egypt are landowning free men

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They were called Pharaohs

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Q: Who were the ancestors of ancient Egyptians?
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Who are ancestors of present day Egyptians?

The ancestors of presend day Egyptians were mostly the ancient Egyptians, long with Greeks, Romans, Turks, a few French and English, and members of other groups who came to Egypt over the centuries for commerce or to conquer.

Where were the ancient Egyptians based?

The ancient Egyptians were based in egypt.

Did ancient Egyptians have emeralds?

Yes ancient Egyptians had jewels

Most ancient Egyptians were?

most Ancient Egyptians were peasant farmers

What did the ancient Egyptians do in the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for pharaohs in the afterlife.

What type of harp did the ancient egyptians use?

ancient Egyptians used lyre

Did ancient egyptians wrap cats or mice?

the ancient egyptians wrapped cats

Did ancient Egyptians come to Australia?

No. Ancient Egyptians never got to Australia.

What did poor ancient Egyptians drink?

Poor ancient Egyptians drank beer.

Are Ancient Egyptians named after their gods?

no the egyptians are not.

Who were more intelligent of their time 21st Century Egyptians or Ancient Egyptians?

The ancient Egyptians far suppassed the intelligence of the 21st century Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians were the first ones to create the?

Ancient Egyptians were first to create beer.