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Each species has an average live span and individuals within each species can have their own life span. For example, according to the CDC the average life expectancy for a human is 77.7 years. Some humans die at birth while others live past 100.

Some species, like flies, have very short life spans, averaging only one day while a Galapagos tortoise could live more than 200 years.

Even within a species there is variation. For example, a large breed dog like an Irish Wolfhound has an average life expectancy of 6.2 years while a small breed dog like a Miniature Poodle has an average life expectancy of 14.8 years.

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The life cycle of an animal describes the stages an animal will go throughout their life. A life span is how long that type of animal lives, on average.

We can use elephants for an example.

The life cycle of an elephant is the baby, the adolescent and the adult elephant. The baby develops inside the mother for about twenty two months before it is born. After being born, the baby stage while last the entire time it is nursing from its mother. This can be between five to ten years.

When the baby is weaned from its mother, it is an adolescent. The elephant remains an adolescent while it reaches sexual maturity, at around seventeen years of age. Bull elephants may start to come into their own and leave the heard during this stage.

When the elephant is old enough to mate, somewhere between eighteen to twenty years of age, they are considered adults. They quit bearing calves at around fifty years of age.

The average life span of an elephant is seventy years of age.

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The life span of an animal is generally determined by the amount of osteon located in their bone marrow. It also depends somewhat on the size of their ilium.

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An animal's life span is literally how long it lives. It's life cycle is the phases of development and behaviors that occur during that life span.

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Q: How do life spans of animals differ?
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Why do cloned animals have shorter life spans?

Cloned animals seem to contract diseases more easily, but we still don't know exactly why.

Why do smaller animals have more frequent sexual cycles than larger animals?

because the smaller animals have shorter life spans, so they grow and develop faster.

What animal's life span is equal to a humans?

Animals that have human life spans are elephants and some tortoises. Whales are also known to live to that long to.

How long do palm trees live?

The average lifespan of a palm tree is up to around 150 years old. Their life spans differ depending on care and climate.

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Why do small animals have fast pulse rates?

because they move really fast and their blood needs to pump faster so they can survive. this is why they have shorter life spans than larger animals. (also larger animals have ALOT less predators)

What are desert animal life spans?

There are thousands of species of animals that live in deserts around the world. The huge amount of information you are requesting would be the life time of work for a researcher. That is well beyond the scope of this service.

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4-5 yea34r

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What organisms have the shorter life spans than humans?

The vast majority of organisms have a shorter life span than humans, everything from bacteria to insects to hummingbirds to dogs. Only a few have longer life spans.

How long can animals live in the desert?

Some desert insects survive no more than a few days. Others, such as the desert tortoise, may have a life span of over 100 years. All other animals have life spans that fall between those extremes.