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The become sexually active and able to reproduce.

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Q: What happens when animals go through puberty?
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What happens if you do not ever go through puberty?

Do not worry, such thing never happens. Everyone goes through puberty. Some might start at a later age.

What happens to your body when you go through puberty?

The main thing that happens is that the body becomes sexually mature. After puberty, the body is capable of reproduction.

Does puberty happen fast?

Puberty happens at its own pace. Everyone goes through puberty at their own pace. Some go through it fast. Some slow.

Does any other animal go through puberty?

Yes, all animals do.

Do animals go through puberty?

Yes they do. This is the process where their bodies begin to develop so they are sexually mature and able to reproduce; if animals didn't go through puberty, then 2-month old puppies would be having puppies, and so on. Ew :)

What causes a person to go through puberty?

Nothing causes it it happens on its own

Does the production of sex cells occur during puberty?

yes, this happens both when men and women go through puberty

Do blue jays hit puberty?

All animals and birds go through this process. So yes, jays hit puberty.

Does everyone go through that chubby stage during puberty?

yes, it is called bloating and happens to every girl during puberty

How do you go though your puberty?

Puberty happens naturally. You don't have to do anything special to got through it. Just proper diet and exercise is important.

What does it mean when you've had your period but you haven't gone through puberty?

It probably means that you're starting to go through puberty. It doesn't all happen in one go - one thing happens at a time

Do you have to have chickenpox to go through puberty?

No, you will go through puberty whether or not you had chickenpox.