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Bartholomeu Dias explored the southern coast of Africa in 1488. He was the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.

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Q: When did bartholomeu dais explore?
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Who is bartholomeu dais?

an explorer from 14th to 15th century, from portugese

What were the years that bartholomeu dias explore?


Did Bartholomeu Dias explore Canada?

No. South America

Where was the birthplace of bartholomeu dias?

i am a student from a middle school working on a project of Dais's. His birthplace is in Portuguese, he died in 1500 due to shipwreck.

Why did bartholomeu dias explore?

because he wanted to find a faster rout to india

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When was Gerd Dais born?

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Where was Bartholomeu Dias?

Bartholomeu Dias was in Sernjurda looking for his family after he got back to sea from his hardships on the Atlantic Ocean.

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