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There are hundreds if not thousands of answers, but Riskand Life are the most common. The abstract strategy game Gipf is part of the larger Gipf series, and short names are often seen in Japanese or Japanese-themed games, such as Yomi, Okko, or Gosu. The game Dune is based on the novels, and the pieces of Hive represent various insects. City/location names are also common game titles: Cuba, Java, and Roma would be examples of this. Luna is remarkable in that it can be played solitaire, while Dust involves simultaneous play. Bang is a popular game with numerous expansions, and Ta Yu is another tile placement game. Ogre is an old hex-grid game, while Khet is a popular Chess-like game with lasers built into the board. SPQR is Roman, Aton is Egyptian, Urukis Sumerian, Nyet is Russian, Doge is Italian, Loot is about pirates, and Zero focuses on the Pacific theater of WWII. Tomb is a three-player dungeon crawl. Linq has a storytelling mechanic. R-Eco has a recycling theme.

If you expand the search to games with four alphanumeric characters, you get a lot of war games with years as the title, plus some others.

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Chess, Sorry, Ludoi, Baida, Chisi and many more.

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Possible 5-letter Board Games include Sorry, Chess, Isola, Kalah and Titan.

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Q: Board game 5 letters
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