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Yes, if to many of them are clogged, if only one or two are completely clogged the engine will run rough. Also replace the fuel filter.

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Q: Can fuel injectors get so clogged that the car won't start?
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Why wont my 1992 Honda civic start after running out of fuel?

Maybe the fuel injectors got clogged.

Car give a clunk sound and wont start but everthing turns over?

check the fuses to the fuel pump and the fuses to the fuel injectors if you have injectors.

The engine tries to start but still wont start?

It sounds like its not getting fuel. Could be clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.

Have a 1992 Plymouth Voyager that wont start can you tell me why?

not enough information is really given here, what engine? is it cranking over (meaning when you hit the key does the engine turn)? do you have fuel? do you have spark at all plugs? is the fuel filter clogged? is fuel getting to the injectors?

Ran Dodge Stealth empty on gas and after refilling it wont start I already changed out the fuel pump and it has a quarter tank but still wont start. What else could it be?

did you check the fuel pressure regulator? the fuel filter? injectors? it sounds to me like a clogged fuel filter since you ran it to the point where it was almost empty and the bottom of the fuel tank is where most dirty and particles end up. so its very possible all that stuff ended up in your fuel filter and clogged it up. check that out and post back!

What is wrong if a 1998 Kia Sephia is starting to start but won't turn over?

The electric fuel pump could be broke. The fuel filter could be clogged. Or you could have clogged injectors. This could be the problem if it is turning over but wont start. If it won't turn all the way over then try to clean the battery post, jump start it or just tighten the battery connectors.

Why will a car start with eather and run like theres nothing wrongbut then you try to start it by its self and it wont?

lack of fuel to injectors.

Have a 1991 Toyota 4 runner that will not start have put new fuel pump and new injectors and it still wont start?

Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure the pump is running and the fuse is not blown or the relay is bad. Do you have fire, and do you have fuel pressure to the injectors?

Your car wont start but has fuel and battery power What is wrong with it?

DON'T YOU MEAN YOUR CAR? Is there spark at the plugs does the starter work? is there fuel pressure to the fuel injectors?

1998 Honda accord wont start but when i hit the gas and pump it it starts?

You probably have a clogged fuel hose.

Ran out of gas now car wont start?

Replace the fuel filter as it is more than likely clogged.

When a car dies when idling and when you try to crank it trys to start but wont what can be the problem?

check fuel to engine from fuel pump.or a clogged up fuel filter.

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