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For solid fill, you want to do tightly grouped oval shapes moving in a straight horizontal line from one edge of the outline to the other starting from the bottom up, and you will then overlay that layer making sure that you are getting full coverage and not leaving any light spots between the two lines of fill, and then repeat this moving up till you get to your next darker shade.

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Q: How To Fill A Tattoo Design?
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Many graphic design programs can be used to design a personal tattoo, including Photoshop, Illustrator or Microsoft Paint. One can also design and print out a personal tattoo through special online design sites such as Create My Tattoo and Tattoo Design.

How do you fill in a flame tattoo?

With a tattoo machine.

Where can you find tattoo design ideas online?

Use Pinterest for tattoo designs.

What was James Buchanan tattoo design?

a butterfly

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A customer can get any tattoo that they wish to get. If the shop does not have the design, the customer may bring an picture or drawing of the design.

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Can i still get a tattoo if i don't have a stencil?

Almost any tattoo shop will draw up a design for you and make a stencil. Some artists will draw the tattoo design on with a pen instead. You as a client don't need to provide a stencil.

What is The most popular tattoo design for woman?

A Butterfly

Is a skull and rose tattoo primarily a feminine design?


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On average, a tattoo is $80 - $200 dollars depending on the size of the tattoo, how complicated the design is, and things like that.

Where could one find Celtic tattoo designs?

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