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Albrecht Durer dies of a fever. TYPHUS FEVER!

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Albrecht Dürer died on April 6, 1528 at the age of 56.

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his heart stop beating

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Q: How did albrecht durer die?
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What was Albrecht Durer's nickname?

Albrecht Durer's nickname was "The Leonardo of the North."

Why did Albrecht Durer die young?

He was 57, which at the time was pretty average.

Who is Albrecht?

Albrecht Durer was an important Renassance Artist.

Was albrecht durer a humanist?

yes he was

What nationality was Albrecht Durer?

He was Dutch.

Who inspired Albrecht Durer?


Were does Albrecht Durer live?


Who was the master of woodcuts?

Albrecht Durer was the master of woodcuts.

How much are albrecht Durer paintings?


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Did albrecht durer ever marry?

Yes, he had a wife.