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The Earth and atmosphere absorb the visible and infrared energy and this warms the earth.

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Q: How do visible light and infrared energy warm earth?
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Transfer of energy from the sun to earth's surface?

Energy from the sun reaches the Earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light and infrared radiation. This energy is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere and surface, warming the planet and driving various processes like photosynthesis and weather patterns.

How visible light and infrared energy warms earth?

by absorbing them and convert heat

What has more energy a visible light or infrared light?

Visible light has more energy than infrared light. This is because visible light has shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies compared to infrared light.

Does infrared high or low energy?

Infrared radiation has lower energy than visible light. It falls in the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and visible light.

What photon has lower energy infared or visible light?

Infrared light has lower energy compared to visible light. This is because infrared light has longer wavelengths, which correspond to lower frequencies and energies.

What type of energy does the sun transmit to earth?

The sun transmits electromagnetic energy to the Earth, including visible light, ultraviolet radiation, and infrared radiation.

Does Concrete absorbs visible light and re-radiates it as infrared energy?

No, concrete does not absorb visible light and re-radiate it as infrared energy. Concrete reflects and scatters visible light, and it absorbs some of the heat energy from sunlight. This absorbed heat can then be released over time as infrared radiation when the concrete cools down.

In what form is radiant energy reflected back into space?

Radiant energy is reflected back into space in the form of infrared radiation, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. This process helps to maintain Earth's energy balance and regulates the planet's temperature.

Earth's atmosphere is mostly transparent to which forms of light energy?

Earth's atmosphere is mostly transparent to visible light, radio waves, and some portions of the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. This allows these forms of light energy to reach the surface of the Earth relatively unimpeded.

Compare the frequency and energy of infrared waves to the frequency energy of the visible light?

Visible light has a higher frequency, a higher energy per photon, and a smaller wavelength, compared to infrared.

How is visible light convert to infrared in greenhouse effect?

In the greenhouse effect, sunlight (which includes visible light) enters the Earth's atmosphere and warms the surface of the planet. This heat is then re-radiated as infrared radiation (heat energy) back towards space. However, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap some of this infrared radiation, causing the planet to heat up more than it would naturally.

Light energy with wavelengths longer than visible red?

Light energy with wavelengths longer than visible red is infrared light.