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How do you cite a specific location from Google earth?

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This seems to be the best answer I have found. The guy works for the Centre of Geographic Sciences so he should know what he is talking about.

See related links for examples.

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Q: How do you cite images from Google Earth?
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Where do you see images of the earth?

Google Earth

How to save images from google earth on iphone?

To save images from google earth on iPhone simply press the image and you will get the save option.

How do you receive images?

Ummmm. Google earth.

Where can one see imagery of satellite views of the earth online?

There are a variety of websites available for one to view satellite images of earth online. One can view these images from sites such as Flash Earth, Google Earth and Terra Server. One can also view images on the Google Images.

Where can one view live images on Google Earth?

One can view live images on Google Earth by clicking on the 'Satellite' button when in Google Earth. This opens a live satellite image link to the area one is interested in.

How do you receive satellite images?

Ummmm. Google earth.

Where can you see images of the houses in India?

Google Earth

How do you see live Google Earth images?

No body can get this serves

How can you find live satellite images in Google Earth?

To find google earth images, you need to go to google first and click on the satellite tab that will show you the views from a satellite rather than the street view or the walking view.

Why can you see your house with the help of salelite?

Satellites magnify images. With a strong satellite you can see images across the world. Google uses a satellite for Google Earth.

How does Google live earth work?

Google Earth live works on updating constantly from wherever the satellite is currently gathering images from on the Earth. It does this by connecting to the image database and updating the Google Earth program continuously.

How often does Google Earth satellite Passover East Hartford Connecticut?

While Google doesn't have its own satellite, and is instead provided imagery from other satellites, the imagery is usually 1-3 years old, according to google. So how old images are just depends on when google collects the images. But it is not possible to see images in real time using google earth.