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Try Google captain obvious

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Q: How do you learn magic tricks?
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Why are magic tricks entertaining?

Because it opens your mind and allows your imagination to run freely.

Is it wrong for a Christian to be doing magic tricks for children with no demons or spirits just coin card tricks when you believe the devil does demonic magic but this is entertainment?

You ask if a Christian should do magic tricks but it would be more helpful to drop the word magic and say can a Christian do tricks. There is a huge difference between magic and tricks. A magician like David Blaine performs tricks that give the illusion of being magic. It is not magic it is simply a trick. There is nothing in the Bible that states Christians can not perform tricks. The only Biblical argument could be that you are lying, because a lot of tricks require that you state things that may not be true. Such as I am holding one coin when in fact the reality may be different. I don't think this argument holds water if the context of the performance is clear that you are going to trick ( decieve ) your audience for the sake of entertainment. Everyone understands that this is what a magician is doing. Opinion As a Christian, I would make it clear that it is a trick, an illusion. Deception is of the devil. Even very young children are capable of understanding the difference between make-believe and reality. Opinion In today's time, it is not wrong to do magic to entertain children. But 2-3 thousand years ago, if you do your magic then, you will be burned at stake(!) or, worship as god.... Opinion The Bible clearly states that REAL magic, which is done by the power of REAL demons, is wrong, sinful, and should not be done. The truth then is still the truth now. But illusion is a totally different thing. There is nothing sinful about illusion, as long as it is clearly stated that it is illusion and not done by the power of demons. == In the world of performing magicians (tricksters, amateur and professional) there is a branch of magic for entertainment that is specifically geared to teaching moral lessons of Christianity. That kind of magic is sometimes performed for children by people of the cloth on the view that the illusions capture attention, and the object lessons are memorable.

How do you learn these martial arts tricks?

The Martial Art does not have "tricks" but rather skills based on scientific principles and laws of nature. These skills are best learned from a qualified teacher, and practiced regularly, diligently, and responsibly.

What kinds of tricks that clowns do?

mostly they do like magic tricks so i don't get why they're really called clowns probably just because of their costumes:) lol and clowns are mostly more entertaining and magicians are mostly doing tricks and you want to keep watching! clowns are less trained than magicians. clowns mostly pull handkerchiefs out of their sleeve and magicians do more deathifying tricks:) hope that helped

Is magic real or fake?

it's possible that magic is real there is a theory that that it maybe be real,but never been discovered actually but don't give up hope

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Where can one learn magic card tricks?

One can learn magic tricks from books, videos, and online sites that teach this artistry. One site to learn magic tricks from is a site that is simply called "Learn Magic Tricks."

Can a seven year old learn magic tricks?

Yes, anyone can learn magic tricks.

How do you do magic rope tricks? go to this link and it will show you magic tricks.

Where to get a magic set?

i think you can get magic sets from master your magic. if you cant you can learn how to do tricks simple or complicated ones. i would try it its a good way to learn how to do tricks. you really wont be dissapointed.

How do you perform magic tricks?

check out

What is the best way to learn magic tricks?

go to hogwarts :)

How can you learn magic?

depends on what you mean magic tricks or actual magic magic tricks can easily be learned from magic trick set. real magic on the other hand is harder to aquire if even real but would probably be very hard to learn if it can even be taught.

Where can one learn a few simple party tricks online?

There are various simple party tricks that one can learn online. For example, if you wanted to learn a magic trick you could go online to the website good tricks or free magic tricks 4 u and get tips on a few tricks and even watch instructional videos!

How do you do magic with a coin?

magic coin tricks are a sleight of hand, best way to learn is as an apprentice.

Where can one learn some card tricks for beginners?

One can learn some card tricks for beginners on magic websites, such as Magic Tricks Online. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

What are examples of magic tricks?

good examples of magic tricks are card tricks, levitaion, and many different tricks. a good website would be master your magic. heres the link to the website i would check it out. trust me you wont be dissapointed.

How do you become wizards?

you cant but you can come close if you learn magic tricks

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