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5 hours by plane It does depend where you are flying to, south or North Cyprus. Flights to North Cyprus take around six hours, including a very brief touchdown in Turkey en route. A new airline has just started operating to North Cyprus called Pegasus Airways (see which offer a cheaper alternative to the national airline CTA. Flights to south Cyprus airports (Larnaca or Paphos) generally take between four and five hours (five max.) You can choose between cheap charter flights to south Cyprus from airlines such as XL ( or scheduled flights with British Airways ( If you are visiting North Cyprus, you can still fly on a cheap flight to north Cyprus, and then get a transfer to the border with North Cyprus, or even beyond to your accommodation. Budget around £40 for a taxi to Nicosia.

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2007-05-26 11:55:55
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Q: How long does it take by plane to get to Jakarta from Dubai?
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