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In 2010, internet advertising alone was over $26 billion (that is $ 26,000,000,000).1 The same year, television advertising was over $ 50 billion (Ad Age). These figures do not include magazines, newspapers, billboards, product placement, pre-movie commercials, and branding & marketing expenses.

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It is estimated that Americans spend over one trillion dollars for entertainment. This means that the entertainment business takes up a huge chunk of the income people make.

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1,000,000,000,000 that's how much if you ain't cheap

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Q: How much money does the advertising industry spend each year?
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How much does the alcohol industry spend on advertising in one year?

Approximately two billion dollars is spent on advertising each year by the alcohol industry. Much of this advertising is done during sporting events.

How much does Nike spend on advertising each year?

Nike spend aproximately $2 Billion a year on advertising!

How much money is spent on Internet advertising each year in the US?

How much time on the internet spend a civilian from the usa?

What does AFLAC spend on advertising each year?

95 million

What does Apple spend on advertising?

Apple is an industry leader in electronics and earns billions of dollars each year. Apple spends approximately $900 million to advertise its products annually.

How much money is spent in the diet industry each year in Canada?

Canadians spend 7 billion dollars each year on diet and exercise in Canada. In the U.S., it is a 55 billion dollar industry.

Why do companies spend billions each year on advertising?

To get consumers to spend billions MORE on their client's products.

How much does Cadbury spend on advertising each year?

70 to 80 million pounds a year

How much does KFC spend on advertising each year?

. According to TNS Media Intelligence, since 2001 KFC has spent between $213 and $238 million on advertising each year.

How much does Kellogg spend on advertising each year?

Kellogg's spends approximately 2 billion dollars a year on advertising, which is one third of their revenue.

Is advertising cost fixed or variable?

Advertising is a fixed cost. Many business allocate money to each quarter to cover their advertising cost for their company.

1 How much money do teen consumers spend or cause others to spend each year?

The average national amount of money that teen consumers spend each year is approximately $62,000,000.