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You probably have to clear the computer error codes, this is generally what fires indicator lights. I don't know specifically about your car, but usually that is the case. This requires a code reader, plug it into the port (under the dash in most Fords - don't know about GMs) and let the reader cycle through 4 displays of the error codes. This will clear the computer and should make your light go off. If you don't have a code reader, I hear that AutoZone and some other parts stores will do this for you for free.

If your car has been in a collision, and you replaced the described parts then you have another problem. It is very easy to scan the system and get the codes. Most likely one of the crash sensors not correctly installed. Or could be they replaced the module with a used unit. NOTE: once a car has been crashed with airbag deployment, the module is no good. Must have either a new one, or used one from a car that has not been crashed. Also seat belt sensor, or burned out bulb for pass side air bag-specially in Fords.

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Q: How to make the airbag light go out after replacing air bags and module in a 97 Buick Rivera?
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