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In many vehicles that isn't possible since it's often a sealed wheel bearing. If it's not sealed for YOUR vehicle, it shouldn't be very expensive, not much more than $15 or $20 Ea.

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2006-04-10 17:05:26
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Q: Is it expensive to have the rear wheel bearings repacked?
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They need to be checked, cleaned and repacked.

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yes, the rear is more expensive than the fronts.

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You probably need your bearings repacked

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AnswerThat is a sign of a bad wheel bearing. Have them inspected and repacked or replaced if need be. Note: these bearings are sealed and cannot be 'repacked' - like in the old days, or on rear drum brakes.Note #2: the bearings are part of the hub/bearing assembly. An ambitious job, but certainly doable.See "Related Questions" below for more

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check wheel bearings!

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