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No, the compound word 'knee-deep' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun; for example, a knee-deep stream or knee-deep mud.

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Mother is common noun

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Q: Is knee-deep a noun
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calendar = noun and verb heavens = noun, plural archaeologist = noun Winnebago = noun, proper written mathematics = adjective + noun the hickory fort = article + noun + noun (the noun 'hickory' used to describe the noun 'fort' is functioning as a noun adjunct)

What part of speech is terrorism?

The word terror is a noun. It is mostly an uncountable noun.

Is saturday afternoon a noun?

The term 'Saturday afternoon' is a noun phrase, the noun 'afternoon' described by the noun 'Saturday'.A noun functioning as an adjective to describe another noun is called an attributive noun or a noun adjunct.The noun 'Saturday' is a proper noun, the name of a specific day of the week. A proper noun is always capitalized.The noun 'afternoon' is a common noun, a general word for a period of any day.A noun phrase is a group of words based on a noun that functions as a unit in a sentence in any position that can be filled by a noun. Examples:Saturday afternoon is the class picnic. (subject of the sentence)We're going to the picnic on Saturday afternoon. (object of the preposition 'on')

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The term 'wall designs' functions as a compound noun but is not a true compound noun, a noun made up of two or more words to form a word with a meaning of its own. The term is made up of the noun 'wall', an attributive noun (a noun that describes another noun) and the plural noun 'designs'.

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Proper noun

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Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.

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Most definitely a common noun.

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