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If you mean on top of a spray paiting, just use clear glossy spray paint. Thats what i use as a seal and it works great.

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Q: Spray paint what sealer do you use on spray paint art?
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What type of Krylon paint do you buy for Spray Paint art?

Gloss. You can use any type of spray paint for spray paint art, but be sure it is gloss.

What sites offer galleries of good spray paint art?

Spray Paint Art is a form of art done by using spray paints on a poster, glass, wood or any material good for painting. Ian's prints, fine Art America, Spray Paint Artist, Space Paintings and Free Webs are some of the most important sites which offer galleries for spray paint arts.

Where can someone purchase chrome spray paint?

One can purchase chrome spray paint from art material selling stores or websites. In addition, one can purchase chrome spray paint in websites such as eBay or Amazon.

Is graffiti art only found on walls?

no, you can spray paint, paint, all sorts

Why was spray paint invented?

because the man wanted a new form of art

What type of spray paint would you use on human skin for an art project?


What is medium in terms of art?

it like what they use -eg-oil paints, pencil, spray paint. etc.....

What is ment by street Art?

It is when artist paint or even spray paint pictures on things in the street like buildings sidewalks or even statues.

Who owns the paint spray shop in Disney Pixar film Cars?

Ramone owns it and it is called "Ramone's House of Body Art".

How does Banksy make his stencils?

Graffiti art usually uses spray paint, and/or very thick permanent markers. It also helps to have some kind of respiratory protection, either a bandanna over your mouth or a respirator. and to always work either outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

What do you add in an art paint when finishing?

People often add finishing spray to give paintings a matte or glossy look and protect them from UV light.

What art supplies do the Sesame Street segments from the Art Supplies series have?

A-Spray Cans B-Squeeze Paint E-HB Pencils G-Paintbrushes I-HB Pencils K-HB Pencils M-Spilling Paint Y-?