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good question I make mask for people to act in there studio like for monster moves oh ya the answer to your question is martinet's.

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The lightness or darkness of a color

What is a line that is drawn to show the edge and surface ridges of an object

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There are 4 different types of masks: Disguise, Performance, Celebration and protection

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Q: What are the different types of masks?
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What are the different types of ancient masks?

Two types of ancient masks are the Maya people's masks,(Mayan Masks) and the Aztec Indian's masks.

Different types of masks?

there are 4 dfferent types f masks disquise performance celebration and protection

What different types of African art was there?


Did the Sioux Indians make masks?

The Sioux Indians did make masks. Many Native American tribes made masks. There were different types of masks for different purposes.

What are some facts about Chinese opera masks?

There are 36 different types of Opera Masks

I am looking for different types of japanese masks for my tattoo and the only one i can seem to find is Hanya but I was told there are several different ones with different meanings?

There are alot of different Japanese masks, they are called Noh masks and hanya is a type of them. If you type in Google 'Noh Masks' it comes with unlimited references and pictures. Enjoy!

Why is there Masks in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

There are twenty-four different masks, because Link uses the Mask's to do different types of things throughout the game, also the four Boss Masks are the Mask of the Spirit that was set free.

How many different types of gas masks were there in World War 2?

all i can say is that their were loadsi think

Do they make costume masks that aren't made out of plastic?

Paper mache, latex various fabrics, but a majority of the masks are made from different types of plastic, you could always use face paint to avoid these masks entirely.

Are there different types of masks?

For my homework I had to name different types of masks :) here's what I came up with - FACIAL MASK, MASQUERADE MASK, GAS MASK, Scuba MASK, WELDING MASK + SURGICAL MASK!! If you can think of anymore please do improve this answer - hope I have helped Ali x

What kinds of different masks are there?

There are many diffrent types of African masks and are considered to be very crucial in their lives.unlike th ewestern idea which is, masks represent a spirit, where as the African masks represents a created spirit. hope this helps shannon dillon yr 7 xxx

What are the layers and masks in Photoshop?

To sum up, there are two primary types of masks in Photoshop: layer masks and clipping masks. Layer masks use values of gray to assign levels of transparency to specific portions of a layer or group of layers while clipping masks use the transparency of one layer to define that of a different layer or group of layers

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